Q1. Are there checkers on both the top and bottom of wings?

A1. Yes the wings and horizontal stabilizer have checkers on the bottom that match the top side.

Q2. Why are you selling the airplane?

A2. I'm ready for retirement after 32 years in the aerospace engineering world, my retirement plan does not include the expense of flying. I plan to purchase a motor home and travel the us with the wife and dogs.

Q3. Did you really build 5 Vans aircraft?

A3. Yes, RV-6 in 2000, RV-10 in 2005, RV-8A in 2008, RV-10 in 2011, and RV-14A in 2019. 

I enjoy the building more than the flying, the building kept my sanity during a stressful work environment.

Q4. Is your RV-14A IFR?

A4. I'm a VFR pilot, and not sure what is required to convert it to IFR. i would think a Garmin GPS 175 and heated pitot tube would bring the airplane to a IFR "light"? 

Q5. Are Log books available?

A5. Yes, serious buyers only, with the airplane new, the log books are very minimal, phase 1 sign off, oil changes, and condition inspection. There is a engine, air-frame, avionics and and propeller log book for each.